Matt Nielsen eyes the prize

2 years ago, 6 September 2011 (AEST)


Yeah, I want to get a medal.

I've been to two now
and they were great experiences

and I've enjoyed the whole process,

but I want to take something home
with me this time.

We've got a good squad

that we're going

into qualifications series

and to get some of the big fellows back
next year would be great too.

It'll give us
the best chance possible.

I think just understanding

a bit of the different styles.

I think some of the teams
that will give us problems

and the teams that we have to beat
to get to where we need to go

I probably have played
in those kind of European style

for quite a while now and I think
I understand it pretty well

and I think that will help.

Once this series

against New Zealand finishes,

I'll be heading straight to Moscow

until June,

so it'll pretty much be Moscow
and Europe for the whole time

until June
and then back into the Boomers stuff.

Two-time Olympian Matt Nielsen is bring his experience from playing in Russia back to the national team as he attempts to help the Boomers qualify for the London Olympics and hopefully get a medal.