Free fires up for fifth games

2 years ago, 21 September 2011 (AEST)


Now it's purely about performance,

trying to, you know, outperform,

other things that I've done.

And just being on top of,
you know, my rowing,

you know, out of all
the years I've been at it.

It's just be the best
that I can be

and hopefully that will
be better than the past

and, you know, bring a great result.

You learn a lot of things
along the way,

and, you know, I've been
at four Olympics now

and I think one of the biggest is how
to bounce back from bad performances

and bad results along the way,
you know, disappointing times,

and what you learn from that
and the changes that you can make.

And, to be honest with you,
if I didn't have those down times,

I don't think I would have
got the results in Beijing.

Yeah, so the next year and a bit

will be pretty solid training.

That'll be a major focus of my life

and, you know, everything,
all efforts and energy towards that

to, you know, to make sure that
I give myself the best opportunity.

Four-time Olympian Duncan Free talks about his experiences as an Olympic rower and what he has learnt along the way that helped him win gold in Beijing.