Captain Madonna Blyth

2 years ago, 22 November 2011 (AEST)


It's something I'm very proud of.

I love the Hockeyroos

and it's something

I've been very passionate about,

and so to lead them out

onto a hockey field every game

is something that I treasure
and it's pretty special.

I think just the competitive
nature of hockey

and being able to travel
and do what you love as a job

I think is one of the greatest
things you can do.

We're a young squad.

I think we don't have that many girls
over the age of 25.

So very young and very fit
and fast and athletic,

and I think, you know, a team

that can take it to any of the best
teams in the world on any given day.

We head overseas
at the start of the year

and are yet to play
a lot of the top teams

that we would have played
at Champions Trophy.

So it's disappointing not to be there

but I think we still get a lot
of opportunities to play those teams.

We're aiming for a medal and we're
training really hard in the lead-up,

and I think, like I said,
we've got a team that, you know,

if we play well we can beat
any team in the world.

So, yeah, we're definitely
hoping for a medal.

Oh, I think the men's
have a very strong team

and, you know, I think they'll
probably go in as a favourite,

or one of the top favourites for it,
and I think they're outstanding

and they have shown for the last
few years they're top of the world.

And so for them to win
would be great,

but for us, hopefully,
you know, we can do it as well,

and, you know,
a double for Australia.

I don't think there
would be anything better.

Captain of the Hockeyroos Madonna Blyth talks about her love of the sport and the team's goals for the London Olympic Games. Can the Aussies complete an historic double in 2012?