Australian Olympic Team Uniforms

Athletes all smiles with Opening Ceremony Uniform

Opening Ceremony uniform:

With their stark white pants and dark green blazers emblazoned with gold buttons and the Olympic rings, there will be no missing this proud Australian Team as they march into the London 2012 Opening Ceremony.

Athletes all smiles at Opening Ceremony uniform launchOlympic Team supplier Sportscraft has designed an ageless outfit using Australia’s national colours with taste and distinction. Teamed with a unique take on Australia’s historic Volley sandshoes, it’s the perfect modern mix of comfort and style.

The uniform was designed in consultation with the athletes.

"We wanted something that suited the majority of athletes, something that everyone felt comfortable in,” said Libby Trickett, who was part of the design project.

“We want to feel part of a unique group and I think what was designed will make the Australian Team really proud when they wear it,” Trickett said.

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Eleven athletes model Australian Olympic Team Uniform for London 2012

Competition wear:

There is nothing like that feeling of competing in the green and gold. Not only with the Aussies stand out on the field of play this July-August, but there are countless hidden features in their Olympic Team uniforms that will give them the edge.

Adidas has specifically designed garments for every Olympic discipline. They incorporate state of the art technology to make the 2012 kit lighter, faster and cooler than ever before.

As Sally Pearson says: “In the Olympic Games, every tenth of a second counts so I feel confident knowing my sprint suit and spikes have been designed with world leading technology to give me the edge I need over my competitors.”

The uniforms also take into account adidas’ country DNA project, creating an innovative visual identity that looks to celebrate Australia’s personality. The kangaroo will be the focus of the ‘Australian DNA’ in the outfits, typifying the Australian ethos of never taking a backwards step.

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Fun facts

  • The largest uniform size is men’s tailor made size 132 (Damon Kelly – weightlifting)
  • Smallest uniform size is ladies size four (Melissa Wu – diving)
  • 8,200 metal gold buttons were sewn onto the Opening Ceremony jackets
  • Largest shoe size is men’s 18, the smallest shoe size is child’s 13
  • 27,500 eyelets and 5500 aglets were used in detailing the Opening Ceremony shoes
  • The length of the Volley shoelaces equates to over 26 Olympic pools