Best is yet to come: Hammond

6 October 2011


Yeah, I’ve learnt that it’s certainly

not an easy tournament to win

and that perseverance really pays off

in the four years between the Olympics.

For me, it’s been like the first two
Olympics were great experience,

and this is just another opportunity to
really try against the best in the world

and to see how far we can go with it.

From my experience in the Olympics

is you can’t really afford
to lose too many games.

I mean, that’s obvious, but in ’04,
we still had a bit of luck.

We had a last-minute draw
and a last-minute win

against two teams

and they were really crucial
to get us to the medal rounds,

so, for us, it really,
I think the focus will really be

on the teams
that we do get drawn against.

But more so, our team’s
quite successful

in that we focus a lot in ourselves

and worry more about ourselves
than who we’re playing.

I think one of the best things for us

is although we won
a lot of our tournaments,

we still hadn’t played our best hockey.

And for myself and also for a lot of
my team-mates and the coaching staff

is we always want to keep improving,

so, yeah, leading into the Olympics,

I don’t think we’re kind of resting
our laurels on what we did last year.

I think everyone is still really keen
to keep improving.

Well, I think to the younger players,

the senior players

obviously give an experience.

But more importantly,

I think the younger players

bring a lot of youth
and vitality to the team

and certainly as one of the
senior players, you feed off that.

It’s great having
the young guys around.

They really push you.

They’re all extremely
high level as well.

So as they get better,

if we’re not getting better,
they’re gonna take our spots.

But in the end, having them
as team-mates is fantastic

because they’re just really
enjoyable to play with.

Dual Olympian Rob Hammond is excited by the players he has around him and can't wait until the Kookaburras realise their full potential at the London Olympic Games in 2012.