Olympic Sister Act

15 August 2011


My favourite Olympic memory
is of my sister Emma Lincoln-Smith,

watching her compete
in the 2010 Winter Olympics.

From when she was
as young as I can remember,

she's always wanted to go to
the Olympics, so when I got the call

saying that she was gonna go to
2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver,

it was probably one of the proudest
sporting moments I've had so far.

I went over.
I got to watch her compete.

She came 10th in the world,
which is the best

any Australian has ever done
in skeleton at the Olympics.

And just watching her go through that
really motivated me

to want to make
the Olympics myself,

so it was a very proud moment
for me and my family.

I've lived on the beach
my whole life, so I did Nippers,

and I've always been
around the ocean and...yeah.

So we've always, I guess,
been very sporty.

My parents definitely
would have encouraged it.

My parents actually met
playing water polo, so...

Of course, that's in the blood.

I've always said
that you could throw a blanket

over the top, you know,
six teams at the Olympics.

It's all gonna be really close.
But I think...

We're definitely up there
for a gold medal chance.

You know, I'm going in there,
playing for a gold medal.

I trained for a gold medal.

You know, that's what I'm training for,
that's what I'm playing for,

is for that gold medal, and...

Personally, you know...

Obviously, I just want
to get to the Olympics,

but that's not good enough for me -
I'm going there for gold, so...

we come home with it.

Water Polo's Holly Lincoln Smith talks about how her sister, Vancouver Olympic skeleton athlete Emma, inspired her to chase her own goals and compete in 2012.