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Olympic Information

  • 2008 Beijing - 1st (470)
  • 2004 Athens - 12th (470)

Recent Performances

  • 1st (470) - 2012 Sail for Gold Regatta (Weymouth, Great Britain)
  • 1st (470) - 2011 World Championships (Perth, Australia)
  • 2nd (470) - 2011 Olympic Test Event (Weymouth, Great Britain)
  • 1st (470) - 2011 European Championships (Helsinki, Finland)
  • 1st (470) - 2011 Sailing World Cup (Kiel, Germany)
  • 2nd (470) - 2011 Sailing World Cup (Weymouth, Great Britain)
  • 1st (470) - 2011 Sailing World Cup (Medemblik, The Netherlands)
  • 2nd (470) - 2011 Sailing World Cup (Miami, USA)

Career Highlights

  • Winning gold at the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games with Nathan Wilmot
  • Becoming the most successful men's sailor in all International 470 class history, 2010
  • Winning 6 World Championships, 5 of them in the 470 class.

Interesting Facts

  • London 2012 will be Malcolm Page's third Olympic campaign. He is attempting to become the first Australian sailor to win back-to-back gold, following his Beijing 2008 victory with skipper Nathan Wilmot. Despite being World Champions in 2004, the pair did not have the Athens Olympics campaign they had wanted, finishing 12th.
  • Page started sailing as an 8-year-old and throughout his early 16-foot skiff, 505 and 18-foot skiff sailing career, he helmed. Determined to get to the Olympics, Page focused on the 470 class, taking advantage of his height and build and moving to the bow of the boat. Page joined with skipper Wilmot and formed a strong partnership over a decade, winning a host of titles including three 470 World Championships and one ISAF World Sailing Games, two 470 European Championships, nine Australian 470 National Championships and many other medals and awards.
  • After the Beijing Games, Page and Wilmot parted ways and by December 2008, Page had started competing with Mathew Belcher, forging a campaign for London 2012. They got off to a slow but consistent start and by 2010 had won the 470 World Championship and gone from a world ranking of 43 to number 1.
  • Page and Belcher won the 470 World Championship in 2010 and backed it up with another win a year later in Perth. The back-to-back World Titles have been a big morale boost for the pair ahead of the London Olympics. The 2011 win was the second world crown for Queensland skipper Belcher after last year's success and the fifth for crewman Page, who also won three titles with his old skipper Nathan Wilmot.


Years on national team



Victor Kovalenko (1997 - current)

Primary Training Base

Sydney, Australia


Middle Harbour Yacht Club (NSW, Australia)

Australian Institute of Sport, Canberra
NSW Institute of Sport, Sydney



St Andrews Cathedral School (NSW, Australia)


St Andrews Cathedral School (NSW, Australia)


Associate Diploma Electrical Engineer - North Sydney TAFE (1990 - 1993)

Sailing Team

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