Yeah, it was a huge thrill.

Something you never forget.

Something you work a long time

to achieve.

And to actually achieve it
is an amazing feeling

and to share it with,
I think, 15 close mates

was probably the best part.

Oh, it’s probably just evolved

and it’s hopefully becoming

bigger and better.

And, yeah, we got to
world number one ranking now

and sort of trying to assert some sort of
dominance over other teams.

But we’re looking sort of fairly good
and we’ve got a good group going,

so hopefully London’s the ultimate.

Oh, the depth of our group -

we’ve got quite a few very good players

and I think the...vying for positions
in the Olympic team

will ultimately serve us well.

Kookaburras veteran Liam De Young talks about winning gold at the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens and how much the Australian hockey team has evolved. De Young talks about Australia's strengths as the number one ranked men's hockey nation.

Childhood ambition
I always wanted to be an Australian hockey player. My mum has kept a school report card of mine that says exactly that under the heading "what I want to be when I grow up"

Favourite food

Favourite holiday destination
Somewhere relaxing, preferably warm!

Favourite music
Pearl Jam

Dream car
1966 Ford Mustang (but with all the luxuries of a modern car)

Sports hero
Jonathan Brown

One thing I couldn't live without
My baby girl Sienna

Personal Motto
Don't be afraid to fail

Star Sign

I would spend my last $10 on
$10 on Collingwood to win, if they lose I kind of still win

Best gift you've received
Hockey stick

I began this sport
when I was 6 at school

Participation in other sports
Athletics until I was 13, local competition

If you could be another person who would it be?
Rory McIlroy

If I am not training/competing I am
Playing with my daughter

If I could try another Olympic sport it would be

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