Childhood ambition
To become a vet like my Dad

Favourite food
Dumplings/Banana Bread & anything involving prawns

Favourite holiday destination
Love Phi Phi island in Thailand for a relaxing holiday but am fascinated by and love European travel.

Favourite music
Anything that pumps me up or reminds me of good times!

Dream car
One that gets me from A to B without any hassles & has a sensor that tells me when I'm getting close to other cars!

Sports hero
Benita Willis

One thing I couldn't live without
People, food ... And a daily cappacino

Personal Motto
Chase your dreams and love the journey

Star Sign

I would spend my last $10 on
I'd probably save it knowing me

Best gift you've received
A good luck song made by my boyfriend & training group for the marathon in Japan


I began this sport
In primary school- we had a good cross country course through a pine forest bordering our school

Participation in other sports
Netball 9-21yrs old, A grade club. Basketball 12-19 State Country U18s. Tennis/volleyball/swimming

Famous relative
Jack Trengove - Melbourne Football Club co-captain but more importantly a top brother!

If you could be another person who would it be?
Would be cool to experience running as fast as Usain Bolt for a day

If I am not training/competing I am
Eating & coffeeing, working at Flex Clinic as a Physio or catching up with friends

Languages other than English spoken
French & a little bit of Indonesian

If I could try another Olympic sport it would be
pole Vault

In the movie of my life I'd be played by
Someone who isn't all that street smart, can't sit still and loves life/people

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