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Olympic Information


Recent Performances

  • 2nd (800m freestyle) - 2012 National Championships (Adelaide, Australia)
  • 16th (1500m freestyle) - 2011 World Championships (Shanghai, China)
  • 4th (800m freestyle) - 2011 National Championships (Sydney, Australia)
  • 2nd (1500m freestyle) - 2011 National Championships (Sydney, Australia)

Career Highlights

  • Finishing in second place at the 2011 National Championships in the 1500m freestyle
  • Competing in the 2011 World Championships in the 1500m freestyle

Interesting Facts

  • At the 2011 National Championships, Jessica Ashwood finished second in the 1500m freestyle, qualifying her a spot on the World Championships Team. Competing in Shanghai, she finished 16th overall. The 1500m is not an Olympic event for women so the 800m freestyle became Ashwood's focus leading to London. She stopped the clock at 8:27.97 at the 2012 National Championships to qualify for the event in second place behind Kylie Palmer.
  • In 2010, Ashwood competed at the Junior Pan Pacs in Hawaii, picking up a bronze medal in the 400m freestyle and finishing fourth in the 800m freestyle.
  • When Ashwood competed at the 2009 Australian Youth Olympic Festival, she became the second in her family to do so, after her older brother Chris competed in the 2007 Festival. She won two silver medals (400m and 800m freestyle) and two bronze medals (4x100m and 4x200m freestyle).
  • Ashwood started swimming at the age of four because her grandmother was a swimming coach.


Years on national team



Brant Best (2010 - current)
Jon Shaw (2009 - 2010)

Primary Training Base

Sydney, Australia


Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre (NSW, Australia)


NSW Institute of Sport, Sydney



Regina Coeil Beverly Hills (NSW, Australia)


MLC Sydney, Burwood (NSW, Australia)

Swimming Team

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