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Olympic Information

  • 2008 Beijing - 3rd (20km walk), 2nd (50km walk)

Recent Performances

  • 3rd (50km walk) - 2012 IAAF World Race Walking Cup (Saransk, Russia)
  • 5th (20km walk) - 2012 IAAF World Race Walking Challenge (Taicang, China)
  • 5th (20km walk) - 2012 IAAF World Race Walking Challenge (Taicang, China)
  • 1st (20km walk) - 2012 Oceania & Australian Racewalking Championships (Hobart, Australia)
  • 3rd (50km walk) - 2011 World Championships (Daegu, Korea)
  • 27th (20km walk) - 2011 World Championships (Daegu, Korea)

Career Highlights

  • Winning two medals (silver and bronze) at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games in the 50km and 20km walk respectively
  • Winning gold in the 20km walk at the 2010 Commonwealth Games in Delhi
  • Winning bronze in the 50km walk at the 2010 World Cup in Mexico

Interesting Facts

  • Jared Tallent became the first male Australian track and field athlete to win two medals at a single Olympics in more than a century. Tallent won bronze in the 20km walk and silver in the 50km event six days later to match the marks set by Stan Rowley (three bronze medals - 1900) and Edwin Flack (two gold medals - 1896).
  • Tallent, then 23, enjoyed his success and married teammate Claire Woods less than two weeks after the Games in Woods' home suburb of Walkerville.
  • Since Beijing, Tallent was crowned the 2010 Commonwealth Games 20km Champion. He also won 50km bronze at the 2011 World Championships in a personal best time of 3:43:36. The result proved he could bounce back after a 27th place finish earlier in the meet over the 20km distance.
  • Tallent will be the only Australian contesting both the 20km and 50km walks in London.
  • Tallent was one of six children raised on a potato farm near Ballarat, Victoria. He lost his right index finger in a potato grading machine as a toddler.


Years on national team



Brent Vallance (2004 - current)

Primary Training Base

Canberra, Australia


Ballarat YCW Harriers (VIC, Australia)


Australian Institute of Sport, Canberra



Dean Primary School (VIC, Australia)


Ballarat High School (VIC, Australia)


Bachelor of Business (Financial Planning) - RMIT (2008 - )

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