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Olympic Information

  • 2008 Beijing - 7th (Team Event)

Recent Performances

  • 18th (Technical Team) - 2011 FINA World Championships (Shanghai, China)
  • 17th (Team) - 2011 FINA World Championships (Shanghai, China)
  • 26th (Duet Technical and Free) - 2011 FINA World Championships (Shanghai, China)
  • 3rd (Duet) - 2010 Commonwealth Games (Dehli, India)
  • 9th (Team) - 2011 German Open (Bonn, Germany)
  • 6th (Team) - 2011 French Open (Paris, France)
  • 4th (Team) - 2010 Swiss Open (Arbon, Switzerland)
  • 8th (Duet) - 2010 Swiss Open (Arbon, Switzerland)

Career Highlights

  • Winning the bronze medal in the Duet Event at the 2010 Delhi Commonwealth Games
  • Finishing 7th in the final at the Beijing Olympics, 2008

Interesting Facts

  • Eloise Amberger started competing in sycnhronised swimming when she was 11-years-old after seeing it on television. She started training with duet partner Sarah Bombell in 2003 with the aim of competing together at the 2006 Commonwealth Games but they did not realise this dream until 2010.
  • Her first national team qualification was in 2002 for the Junior World Championships in Montreal and she made her first open national team in 2004 as the duet at the Swiss Open and as the soloist in the Junior World Championships in Moscow.
  • Amberger competed in the team event at the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, finishing seventh.
  • In 2010, she and partner Sarah Bombell won bronze in the duet at the Delhi Commonwealth Games. Bombell and Amberger are not only duet partners but are also best friends and have matching tattoos of the Southern Cross on their feet.
  • Amberger studies a degree in Applied Science majoring in Forensic Science and Biochemistry and also runs a jewellery business.


Years on national team



Marina Kholod (2005 - current)
Anna Nepotacheva (2004 - current)

Primary Training Base

Gold Coast, Australia

Secondary Training Base

Brisbane, Australia


Gold Coast Mermaids (QLD, Australia)



St. Kevin's Primary School (QLD, Australia)


St. Rita's College, Clayfield (QLD, Australia)


Bachelor or Applied Science (Forensic Science and Biochemistry) - Queensland University of Technology

Synchro Swimming Team

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