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Olympic Information


Recent Performances

  • 8th - 2012 UIPM World Cup Final (Chengdu, China)
  • 8th - 2012 World Championships (Rome, Italy)
  • 31st - 2012 UIPM World Cup 3 (Sz√°zhalombatta, Hungary)
  • 3rd - 2012 UIPM World Cup 2 (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
  • 5th - 2012 UIPM World Cup 1 (Charlotte, USA)
  • 14th - 2011 UIPM World Cup 4 (Chengdu, China)
  • 8th - 2011 Asia/Oceania Championships (Chengdu, China)
  • 11th - 2011 UIPM World Cup 3 (Budapest, Hungary)

Career Highlights

  • Competing in the women's 10m air pistol at the 2008 Commonwealth Youth Games in Pune, India, 2010.
  • Finishing 17th at the 2010 Junior World Championships in Hungary.
  • Competing in the Asia/Oceania Qualifications in 2007 as a 15-year-old.

Interesting Facts

  • In 2007, Chloe Esposito made history as the youngest Australian female modern pentathlete to compete at an Olympic selection event. At 15 years of age, Esposito competed at the Oceania Championships but missed out on a spot for Beijing.
  • Highlighting her strength in the shooting discipline, Esposito competed in the 10m air pistol at the 2008 Youth Commonwealth Games in Pune, India.
  • Four years after taking up the sport, the talented Sydneysider finally realised her dream, securing a spot on the London 2012 team after she was the highest ranked athlete from Oceania at the Asia/Oceania Championships in China. She will be one of the youngest competitors on the start line in London.
  • Esposito claimed an impressive 5th and 3rd in the opening two World Cup events to kick off 2012 to see her ranked at number 1 to begin the year.
  • Esposito comes from fine pentathlon pedigree. Her father and coach Daniel Esposito competed at the 1984 Olympic Games in modern pentathlon. Her younger sister Emily competed at the 2010 Singapore Youth Olympics in pistol shooting.


Years on national team



Daniel Esposito (2004 - current)
Laslo Petho (2003 - current)

Primary Training Base

Sydney, Australia


Michael Wenden Swim Club (NSW, Australia), Budapest Riding School (NSW, Australia)



St Francis Xavier (NSW, Australia)


Mount St Joseph (NSW, Australia)

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