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Olympic Information


Recent Performances

  • 3rd (4x100m) - 2012 Shizuoka International Meeting (Shizuoka, Japan)
  • 1st (4x100m) - 2012 Kawasaki Golden Grand Prix (Kawasaki, Japan)
  • 1st (200m) - 2012 Brisbane Track Classic (Brisbane, Australia)
  • 2nd (100m) - 2012 Sydney Hunter Track Classic (Sydney, Australia)
  • 6th (100m) - 2012 Adelaide Track Classic (Adelaide, Australia)
  • 2nd (200m) - 2012 Adelaide Track Classic (Adelaide, Australia)
  • 1st (100m) - 2012 Perth track Classic (Perth, Australia)
  • 2nd (200m) - 2012 Perth track Classic (Perth, Australia)

Career Highlights

  • Winning the 200m at the 2012 Olympic Trials
  • Going sub 38.70 in the 4x100m

Interesting Facts

  • Andrew McCabe is the youngest member of the 4x100m relay team.The 21-year-old from Townsville has a twin brother.
  • In 2007 McCabe began travelling to Brisbane once a week to train. An injury ruled him out for two years and when he returned to the track in 2009 he had to start from scratch. Then he suffered another setback and spent three months on the sideline with a broken kneecap.
  • Despite the setbacks, McCabe says running is one of the most challenging things he has ever done and he likes the fact that it is not easy.
  • McCabe inched towards clocking an A qualifier in the 200m with a personal best time of 20.70 in June.
  • McCabe is coached by dual Olympian Paul Di Bella.


Years on national team



Paul Di Bella

Primary Training Base

Townsville, Australia

Secondary Training Base

Brisbane, Australia



Darling Heights State School (QLD, Australia)


Centenary Heights State High School (QLD, Australia)


Diploma of Business (2008)

Athletics Team

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